Recruitment & Talent Identification

They’re more than employees—they’re amazing and complex humans
who care deeply and want to be cared for back.

It’s time to stop talking about requisitions and headcount

and start talking about people and experiences

Hiring in today’s landscape is more challenging and complex than ever. The competition is fierce for top talent who bring diverse backgrounds and points of view. It’s no longer the “norm” for people to stay in one company for their entire career. In fact, there’s been a significant shift from people merely having a “job” to wanting a meaningful career with a company that aligns with their values. People want to be more than a head to count! They long to find a place where they can bring their whole selves to work—somewhere they can simply be human.


We’ve experienced the same challenges firsthand, and we get it.

That’s how we know a different approach is needed. Any recruiting firm can find an employee who’s capable of doing the job. We take it a step further. Our recruiters are also career coaches who are motivated to focus on deep engagement with both their organizational clients and job seeking candidates. Rather than simply serving as order takers who are compensated for quickly putting “butts in seats,” we serve as coaches and partners dedicated to finding the right match.

At Transitions Careers, we make it our mission to find engaged, amazing humans who are excited to make our clients’ business—and their lives—better! We work across industries and have no one specific market we serve, but specialize in finding and engaging humans regardless of their industry niche. However, because we are passionate about the important role strong leaders play in an organization, we do have a particular affinity for, and strong track record in, matching strong leaders with great companies.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Lynne both as a candidate and as an employer
looking to fill key positions. She is diligent in following through on commitments,
relentless in her pursuit of candidates, and an honest and forthright professional
who does an excellent job matching company needs to candidate desires.
I can say without hesitation, that I have NEVER used an external recruiter
who produced results of this quality."
– HR Leader, Manufacturing Company

A COACH TO OUR Candidates
A Very Different APPROACH

As your trusted partner we will...

  • Act as an extension of your organization by gaining a deep understanding of your specific business, culture, and talent needs to find you the best people for your company and the roles you’re looking to fill.
  • Offer new and different perspectives and challenge your ways of thinking to support creativity and innovation in the hiring process.
  • Source, screen, and professionally present qualified candidates who are truly interested in your opportunity for the right reasons. Due to our deep engagement with your teams upfront, the vast majority of candidates we present progress in the hiring process.
  • Continuously communicate with candidates throughout the entire hiring process to keep them engaged and minimize surprises late in the game.
  • Hold weekly status updates with your hiring teams to ensure alignment and progress.
  • Make ourselves available to assist with additional services such as interview coordination, offer extension, and reference checking as needed.
  • Support you until the role is filled. We will never sacrifice quality for speed and will stay with you as long as you desire or until the role is filled.
  • Give you our undivided attention.  Our team is small by design because we only want to work with a handful of clients.  Each coach/recruiter will typically not work with more than 3 companies at any given time.  This allows for the deep partnerships we believe are necessary to support better outcomes for all.

Meet Your Coaches

Our fee structure is different too.  Here's how...

As former corporate recruiting leaders ourselves, our experience with external recruiters was mixed at best. More often than not, these experiences felt more like business transactions than true partnerships. Our fee choices were limited to a contingent model (pay only when a candidate is placed) or a retained search (partial fee up front and partial at time of placement), and the price tag was always large – averaging 25-30% of first year base salary! This made using external firms something that simply was not sustainable.

At Transitions Careers, we intentionally designed a fee structure that's different than the rest in pursuit of creating long-term, sustainable partnerships. Therefore, we operate on an hourly basis. We bill only for the time we invest in a search and our clients ALWAYS know what they are getting for their spend. Because of our fully transparent approach, there are no surprises or risks. We're with you as long as you desire or until the search is complete.

To support an effective and differentiated recruiting partnership while still providing our clients significant cost savings compared to the traditional recruiting models mentioned above, we do have a minimum fee per hire of 10% of annual base salary. To date, we have yet to go above this mark with any search or any client.

In the end, we are confident you will pay less and get more.

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