Group Career Coaching

Sometimes, it just helps to know you’re not alone

Making a job or career change is anything but simple.

It’s truly a journey that, at times, can feel a bit overwhelming. We understand that, so we’ve designed our Group Coaching program, Navigating the Journey of a Career Transition, to provide you with good company along the way. You’ll have the support of an experienced coach, as well as the opportunity to learn and grow with others who are experiencing the same challenges. Through their support, their encouragement, and their personal life experiences, you’ll come to appreciate that you’re not alone.

Group Coaching with Transitions Careers
"Prior to entering this program, I'd been spending way too much time
thinking about making a change without netting any sort of result.
The structure of the program was helpful in organizing my thinking and being able to float ideas
to a group of others who were going through similar situations, helped reassure me that
I wasn't alone (or crazy). Without Lynne challenging the status quo along the way,
there's no way I would've been able to muster the courage to make the change that I did,
which I’m happy to report I haven’t regretted for a second since!"


Take control and uncover what you really want and need

Have you ever felt like changing jobs or careers because what you were doing was no longer fulfilling, but you had no idea where to start or what you might even want to do next? We’ve been there, and we get it.

Navigating the Journey of a Career Transition is a 7-week experience designed to help people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and maybe even a little afraid discover a personalized, do-able path to finding work they love.

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If you're ready to uncover what you really want and need from your career, we can help.  The Transitions Careers Group Coaching Experience is designed for people who want to:

  • Shift their mindset. Sometimes, we fall into unproductive habits and unfulfilling routines.  Hearing and sharing different perspectives can shift your thinking and bring new insights.
  • Get "unstuck." When you feel unsure or unsettled, when it's clear that something needs to change but it's unclear where to start, coaching can help you uncover a path.
  • Gain unwavering support. Being in the good company of an experienced coach and like-minded professionals creates a safe space and offers a sounding board to engage in exploration.
  • Create better balance. If you feel like you're playing dual roles, showing up one way at work and another way at home, coaching can reveal how your career and your life can be more positively aligned.

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"After many years of building a successful career, a series of life events prompted me
to question how I was spending my time. The Career Transitions coaching program
and cohort provided me with the framework and structure to reflect upon
my passions, strengths, what brings me energy, and what saps me of it.
The 1:1 coaching, exercises and group discussions/support were instrumental to me
crystallizing my personal plan for big changes—and the continued support from
this group remains invaluable as I carve my path forward.
My deepest thanks to the Transitions Careers team!"