Professional Transition Services

Career Transition & Outplacement Services

Professional Transition Services Package

Our Professional Transition Services Package provides comprehensive
and personalized support that goes beyond
the support typically provided in outplacement services.

This package is the cornerstone of our Career Transition Services and is designed for those employers looking to provide the smoothest transition and most supportive level of services to their departing employees.
Services offered within this package extend over a 6 month period.

Online Career Content

Curated Online Career Content

On-demand, 24/7 access to our online portal of self-paced learning modules, worksheets, templates, and tracking tools. Employees will find guidance and support to craft a resume or cover letter, create a job search plan, prepare for interviews, and more.

One on One Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Four 60-minute private coaching sessions allow employees to focus on the areas that are most important to them and receive personal support from an experienced coach. Whether it’s resume review and feedback, interview preparation, job search strategy, or general career support, our coaches have the experience to help.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching Sessions

Two live, 90-minute group coaching sessions create a collective space for employees to process and prepare for a transition.

Group Coaching Session #1:
From Ending to New Beginning

This session will focus on the stages of internal transition all humans go through when experiencing an external change, such as a job loss. Understanding these stages can be THE most important and helpful way to make sense of thoughts and feelings and successfully navigate to a new beginning.

Group Coaching Session #2:
Exploring What’s Next

This session will offer guidance on taking a step back before taking a step forward. Experiencing something as big as a job loss often prompts reflection and exploration. Reconnecting with strengths and defining wants and needs can help determine whether to stay the course or use this event as a jumping-off point.

Interactive Workshops Resume Writing

Interactive Workshops

One live, 90-minute interactive workshop offering additional support to help employees craft their career story.

Interactive Workshop:
Crafting Your Career Story

This workshop will help employees create a powerful written story. In a hands-on session, employees will learn how to write a resume that sets them apart from other job seekers and authentically articulates their unique story.

Job loss is hard.

We are here for you and your transitioning employees.

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